Art Exhibition held to raise funds for Covid-19 vaccine

28 January 2021       

An art exhibition, held with the purpose of raising funds for Covid-19 vaccine, is currently being organized online by Yadana Art and Studio Gallery from 23rd to 31st January.

In this 9-day-long art exhibition, a total of 59 paintings are displayed by 26 artists of both senior and new ones.


U Htay Lwin, Organizer of Art Exhibition for Covid-19 Vaccine, said, “In our country, the businessmen are donating cash for the Covid-19 vaccines, and our artists are also envious of it. We want to donate too but we can afford only with paintings. Then, we did organize this exhibition. The artists can freely display any different works of paintings. The maximum price of a painting is 200,000 kyats. Before the Covid-19, we displayed the paintings at physical exhibitions, and there were also times when we also donated 100% profit for natural disaster. But now, the artists are also struggling for their living so that 70% will go to the fund for Covid-19 vaccine, and 30% to the artists. You can check the paintings online on our Yadana Art and Studio Gallery Facebook Page.”

In Myanmar, the first batch of Covid-19 vaccine jab program started on 27th January, and the government is trying to receive more vaccines. Citizens are enthusiastically donating cash for the purchase of Covid-19 vaccine.

U Thein Oo, an artist, explained why he participated in this art exhibition, he said, “I participated in this exhibition because I suggest that this is the exhibition with good aim. This is not for the profit of someone but for the goodwill of our citizens. I display the painting of Myanmar historic event. This exhibition was formed by the pure heart of the artists for the willingness of donating for Covid-19 vaccines so that I want to invite those who love paintings to buy from this exhibition.”

The art exhibitions are held online even during Covid-19 period for the living of the artists as well for creating opportunities for the youngsters.

Ma Yu Sandar Phyo, an artist, said, “I work at Yadana Art Studio and Gallery, and as an artist, I participated in this donation move by displaying my painting. For this exhibition held now through online, this is organized with good aim. I cannot afford much money, but I can donate my paintings. I want to encourage the art exhibition because the new generations can grab a chance while displaying their paintings in the showcases.”

The art exhibition is to be organized from 23rd to 31st January, and the purchase can be done online through Yadana Art and Studio Gallery Facebook Page. 70% of the profit will be donated for Covid-19 vaccine fund, and 30% will go to the artists.

Thaw Tar Swe Zin, Pyay Thein, Soe Min Aung and May Yadanar Moe