Amyotha Hluttaw discusses providing social security services to retiree

11 September 2019

The 2nd time, Amyotha Hluttaw 13th Regular Session, 18th Day took place in Nay Pyi Taw on Tuesday, 10 September 2019.

Following at the session, Amyotha Hluttaw representative raised the question concerned about whether the government of Myanmar has a plan or not to provide social security services related to Health Care for retiree from various government departments. In response to the concern, Union Minister for Labor, Immigration and Population explained the current process of providing social security matter to Amyotha Hluttaw.

The question was raised by U Kyaw Thaung, Sagaing Region Constituency (1). He asked if the government of Myanmar is providing the health care service to the retiree, what kind of services and how the government and civil servants could apply for social security insurance.

U Kyaw Thaung, Sagaing Region Constituency (1) said, “Now, I would like to ask about social security insurance services provided to retiree who has completed services for government’s department. The reason behind I am asking this question is that we have Retiree Association in Sagaing Region and the retirees from there raised this question. The employees working for private companies and have contributed proportional money for about 180 months are entitled to receiving social security benefits such as health care.  In the future, what kind of plans Myanmar has to effectively provide the social security services to all retirees, both from governments and private sectors?”

Regarding to U Kyaw Thawng’s question, U Thein Swe, Union Minister for Labor, Immigration and Population replied to Amyotha Hluttaw by explaining the current condition of Social Security Services and the update of what has been being done with the current law.

“According to the Social Security Law 2012, if there are more than five persons in a particular company, it is considered that it is a company and it is eligible to apply for the social security services. Moreover, stated in 1954 Social Security Law and 2012 Social Security Law, the employees who have contributed the proportional amount of money for above 180 months can apply for the retiree’s social security services such as Health and Social Care Insurance System, Family Assistance Insurance System, Social Security Housing Plan and so on. Moreover, all the persons working for different ministries, who basically do not need to do registration, are eligible for retiree’s social security services. Now we are working together with an international organization such as ILO to upgrade the current Social Security Law. Together with the Ministry of Planning and Finance, not only the government staffs but also employees from private sectors, both of them will be able to apply for social security services, so that we will be able to provide housing and health care to retiree and reduce the poverty at the same time.”