All Hluttaws to begin from February

21 January 2021

Both Amyotha Hluttaw and Pyithu Hluttaw had already sent calling letters in early January to begin Hluttaw session from February. And recently, respective regional and state Hluttaws also have released their notice letters to all the elected regional and state Hluttaw representatives that the session will commence from 9th February. Just like Amyotha Hluttaw and Pyithu Hluttaw, these regional and state Hluttaws will mostly work on appointing new leaders and swearing in ceremony.

U Zaw Zaw Aung, regional Hluttaw representative for Mahaaungmye Township Constituency-2 spoke to MI Radio what are the preparations he has been making for the upcoming regional Hluttaw session saying, “Hluttaw session will begin from 9th February for the third-time Hluttaw meeting. As we know, for Mandalay region, NLD has won majority of the seats at regional Hluttaw, so regional Hluttaw Speaker will be from NLD and also NLD will form the government as well, all the representatives are from a single party. According to the law, although the three pillars which are judiciary, executive and legislature all different bodies, I don’t think there will be much of contrast between them as all are from a single party.”

According to the rules stated in the Constitution, 14 days after issuing calling letter to commence Pyithu Hluttaw session, the regional and state Hluttaws must also issue the same order to commence their respective session.

U Kyaw Kyaw Tun is regional Hluttaw representative of Hline Township Constituency-1 also spoke to MI Radio what regional Hluttaw will mostly work on the third-time Hluttaw meeting in the first session and he said, “We will perform swearing-in ceremony, and then appoint Hluttaw Speaker and Deputy Speaker and depending on time, we may also form different committees. So we will mostly work on it. As the current administration is still effective till 31 March, according our experience from 2015, we will not have questions and answers session and giving proposals. This is why we don’t have yet any specific preparation for the first session on 9th February, but this is my personal state of the matter.”

For regional and state Hluttaw representatives, they have not been informed whether they are to go through swab test before attending Hluttaw session, unlike regional and state Hluttaw, Amyotha Hluttaw and Pyithu Hluttaw have asked their representatives to report at their respective lodging in Nay Pyi Taw not later than 24th January as they must participate in swab test.

U Yee Mon, Pyithu Hluttaw representative of Pobathiri Township Constituency, has asked the public to participate in achieving democracy at its fullness saying, “For the public, they have already tasted the essence of democracy for sometimes, and I believe that the public have already understood that democratic system enables us to experience full benefits of being a citizen. Only democracy can give us the rule of law, and then justice, give the public full authority to choose the government they want which will work for the people. In our experience of political career, I would say democracy is the best political system we have come across, we need to guard this system to grow strong and prosper in our country which is our responsibility”.

Although the regional and state Hluttaws have not informed their respective Hluttaw representatives of swab test, seeing the condition, representatives assume that they need to go through swab test before attending Hluttaw.