After more than 7 years, Bogyoke film is expected to be finished in 2020

05 December 2018

Another coordination meeting on a biopic film portraying the life of Bogyoke Aung San took place at the National Theatre on Myoma Kyaung Street, Dagon Township in Yangon.

Union Minister for Religious Affairs and Culture Thura U Aung Ko said at the coordination meeting in Sunday that Bogyoke film is expected to be finished and screened in 2020.

He told the acting committee, comprised of various film experts and artists, to not worry about the budget to implement this project.

Union Minister Thura U Aung Ko received Ks 830 million for producing the Bogyoke film last year and now the committee has got 1.1 billion kyats for the project.

The committee members have been having meeting for the Biopic Bogyoke film project frequently.


Union Minister for Religious Affairs and Culture Thura U Aung Ko at the meeting said, “We have already prepared settings and castings to some extent. So I believe that although we are strict with the deadline, I believe we will be able to bring the film to the public in 2020. In terms of budget, we still have 1.1 billion kyats left for the project.

The Tatmadaw will be providing the apparels and costumes, facilities and weapons the then people used at the time. They will be used as a reference in replicating the stuffs. Also the Ministry of Home Affairs will be providing the weapons used by the then police for reference.”

“We have finished over 50 scenes out of 104 scenes which will make up about 3 hours of film duration. It was supposed to finish within three months and now it’s drawing closer to the end of the 3-month period. Now if we are willing, we could start shooting first approved scenes starting now. So I think we will be able to make it by 2020,” he added.

Chit Oo Nyo, a member of the scriptwriting group for the Bogyoke Aung San biopic, said a set will be built to re-create the Yangoon University Student Union building, as well as the Jubilee Hall where bodies of the martyrs were kept for public viewing. The script writing group is comprised of acclaimed film experts and directors.

U Lu Min, the assigned director for the film as well Myanmar’s famous actor and former chair of the Myanmar motion picture organization said, “We are still discussing for the project frequently as this is different from romantic films. This is big. So we need to consult with history experts and asked advice from them to be able to write the script. As every single part of life of our general is very important, we find it difficult to decide which part to leave and which to include. So we have been contemplating, discussing and making decisions every now and then. We are aiming to finish shooting and editing in 2019 and screening in 2020.  But at today’s meeting, there is one condition where we are allowed to be flexible with the deadline and extend a bit because we have been taking time for 6-7 years already and don’t want to rush eventually. To ensure the best quality as possible. But personally, I will try my best to meet the said time frame and deadline and I won’t rush this and push this but guarantee the best quality.”

The public is frustrated with the slow implementation of the shooting of Bogyoke Aung San film and this coordination meeting news will also stir up the excitement amongst the patriotic Myanmar audience again.

Arker Kyaw