Advance your business with Digital Transformation

13 August 2019

The digital technologies dramatically reshape industry after industry, many companies are pursuing large-scale change efforts to capture the benefits of these trends or simply to keep up with competitors. With those goals in mind the ICT talk show was held by Yangon Region Computer Industry Association at MICT Park Conference Hall, our reporter interviewed the experts in the show for to have in-depth detail about the event and the goal to transform the business in Myanmar with Digital Technology.

Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business, fundamentally changing how you operate and deliver value to customers. It's also a cultural change that requires organizations to continually challenge the status quo, experiment, and get comfortable with failure, with that being said let’s hear out from one of the experts in this area, the Founder and CEO of InyaLand Tech Solutions, U Aung Zayar Lwin.

"The purpose here today is basically for us to have businesses to understand better about how they can advance their businesses grow through digital transformation. So, the goal is not just to realize why you need digital transformation that is already clear for everyone who is working in business sectors. It is more about what you have to and how you will have to do it. Digital transformation is not an easy journey, it requires a lot of efforts and determination to work through, that is why we will be covering about what are the key challenges and success factor which you need to ingrain in your business.

What will be the drive-in achievement of Digital Transformation, let’s find out, "An important element of digital transformation is, of course, technology. But often, it's more about shedding outdated processes and legacy technology than it is about adopting new tech. In the healthcare industry, despite widespread use of smartphones and other mobile devices among healthcare providers, “close to 80 percent (79.8 percent) of clinicians continue to use hospital-provided pagers and 49 percent of those clinicians report they receive patient care-related messages most commonly by pager.”

Why do we need to transform into Digital as soon as we can will be answered by the Founder and CEO of Myanmar Information Technology, MIT, U Tun Thura Thet, A business may take on digital transformation for several reasons? But by far, the most likely reason is that they have to: It's a survival issue for many. Organizations are at different places in the digital transformation journey, of course. But speed has become a business imperative for all. IT leaders face pressure to show that digital initiatives continue to translate to increased agility and speed for the entire organization. "

Why digital transformation is a must in this era, let’s find out, “Digital transformation doesn’t mean stop what you’re doing, move to Silicon Valley and launch a tech startup. It’s the process of modernizing and digitalizing your current business processes. This means different things for different businesses. Take Microsoft as an example. A highly successful tech company that is constantly innovating has recognized a need to evolve. Even if you’re running a company in a historically non-technical industry, it doesn’t mean you can’t adopt a digital mindset. You don’t need to be a software company to think like one. Consider which processes can be digitalized and whether this would save your business time and money."