Activity of History Department for Centenary of Yangon University

21 August 2019

For the centenary celebration of Yangon University, which is to fall in December 2020, the whole university is preparing and respective departments and teams are also holding the pre-celebrations.

Yangon University was established in 1920 and it has been playing an important role in the education sector of the country. Regarding to the 100th anniversary of Yangon University, which has the great history, History Department is to collaborate with Open History Project to hold an exhibition of commemorating the past days of Yangon University.

Open History Project is the project of displaying the historical and artistic community-based references.

“Centenary is the rare year that you can celebrate. So, our History Department wants to participate by doing something memorable and special. Last month, I met Ko Aung Soe Min, who is the founder of Open History Project, and we discussed about the idea of celebration. What our department wants is that we want to hold a photo exhibition reflecting the old days because photos can tell us the changes of our community through different periods of time.”, said Dr. Mo Mo Thant, Professor and Head of the History Department.

“We have some photos concerning our school activities such as photos of History Team around 1948, the photos of rectors of all times as well as other personal photos that the teachers, who are still living, contributed to us.”, she added.

U Aung Soe Min, founder of open history project, talked about the idea of the exhibition, “We are planning to exhibit the historical events and images of around 1920s. We also have the photos of Yangon University but we want to focus on the situation of an era, when Yangon University was founded. We have an idea of decorating the setting of the exhibition to reflect that era. We will make for the observers to feel like going back to 1920s as soon as you enter the exhibition hall. We are trying to include all the contexts of 1920s era as much as possible.”

History Department aims to hold the exhibition in November 2019 at Recreation Center of Yangon University. They are also doing preparedness to open the exhibition for one or two weeks.

Dr. Zaw Soe Min, Professor of History Department, said “We have discussed about our ideas and are still working to collect the photos and book references. We are also preparing the data to conduct the mini-workshop or mini-seminar along with the photo exhibition. Now, the information is being distributed among the present students as well as the alumni. We requested the responsible persons of the university for the permission of the place and time for exhibition and are still waiting for the approval.”

The photo exhibition of History Department is expected to be the nostalgia of the past days of the university as well as the community around 1920s.

Year after year, under the guidance of the government, the missions for the improvement of Yangon University are being carried out. Infrastructures are renewed as well as the curriculum is refreshed according to the current education. By signing MOUs and collaborating with international organizations, Yangon University is still playing an important role in the education sector of current Myanmar.

Thaw Tar Swe Zin