About 68,500 taxis registered with YRTA

04 October 2019

Yangon Region Transport Authority (YRTA) at its regular press meeting on Wednesday told reporters that the number of city taxis registered with the authority has hit 68,524 so far.

The city taxi registration process has started since 2001-2002 in Yangon.

There are taxis which are yet to register or renew their registration.

YRTA, after it has been handed the authority, has set deadline of September 30th in 2019 for these taxis.

U Hla Aung, YRTA's spokesperson explained how the taxis which are yet to register will be take action.

"There are taxis which have not registered with YRTA yet for several reasons. The deadline has been extended for several times. But there still are taxis, which are yet to register. From July 21st to August 26th 2019, new taxis of about 674 came to register and 1614 old and registered taxis came for renewal. We will wait until our set deadline. We will give our best service to people who come for the registration. The updated data shows the 68,524 have been registered so far. When it comes to taking action against the taxis which do not register during the set deadline. Soon, we will be checking these data with that of Road Transport Administration Department (Ka Nya Na) and we will find out the number of taxis which have not registered yet. And the action will be taken according to the Motor Vehicle Law 2015."

He also added that the authority does not want to take action on them but only would like them to follow the rule by themselves.

There are currently more than 60,000 taxis running in Yangon, but this is not the last updated information as there could be some changes to this number in the last 3 to 4 months. A total of 67085 taxis have been registered till last July, but there are also many unregistered city taxis as well. According to the report by YRTA, there are still more than 50,000 city taxis left unregistered which means a big number of taxis are yet to be registered.

One of the issues with YRTA registering city taxi is, if the owners of the vehicles are not be able to register their vehicles, YRTA has no information on those vehicles especially, the older of vehicles.

U Hla Aung continued to explain the number of taxis in Yangon and the benefits of the city taxi registration.

“The advantages of registering the vehicles are, within the span of 2014 to 20th August 2019, we could help Police Force with the information we have here, there were 2900 vehicles-related crimes nationwide. In Yangon region alone, there were 2895 cases where we could help the investigation by providing the information on vehicles. We have the information on the owners of the vehicles, the drivers and the passengers who traveled by these vehicles. Apart from Yangon region, we also provided the information for two cases in Ayeyarwaddy region, another two cases in Mon state and one case in Shan state. These cases include hit-and-run, kidnapping and several other cases where we use our data and try to help Police Force. Without being registered as city taxi, we would not be able to do it, therefore city taxi registration is also important in case solving.”

To enforce traffic discipline, YRTA, through an announcement in state-owned newspapers, had asked city taxis to register with the authority by 31 December, 2017. YRTA had also announced that it would revoke the licenses of those who failed to register or renew their registrations. However, for some reasons, the registration period was extended to 31 January, 2018. Some taxis tried to register on the last day, but the process could not be completed, and they were allowed to complete the formalities by 6 April, 2018 and recently, the transport authority notified the extended deadline of 30 September 2019.

Arker Kyaw