2nd time Homage ceremony for former teacher of GTI and Scholarship awarding ceremony for the students who passes 2018 matriculation exam

9 October 2018

Government Technological Institute Insein (GTI.I), a university which is filled with dreams, hopes, reality and success has earned its glory for being one of the all-time top-notch Technology University of Myanmar enter it’s over a century year old of age. As the time passes, the students that have graduated strive forward more and of cause make their dreams and hopes become reality as they obtain success through the educations that they have received from GTI. Well nevertheless, one shouldn’t forget the builders that has built for them to achieve the structure of success. And of cause the alumnus from GTI gather around to give their gratitude forward their builders, yes, for who is their teachers. Moreover, by the group of alumni forming together, have held an interesting way of homage towards the elders Professors of GTI.

The chairman of GTI alumni group U Aung Winn, has also stated for how this second time of homage towards the elder professors is interesting and special like this,” Last year homage ceremony was only held by itself, but this time will be holding in collaboration with scholarships award giving ceremony for the fresh Grade graduates. Moreover, to be more festive oriented, the event has also made a difference by making booths characterized by classes and Majors for free food festive and stuffs.”

MI Radio helping hand which is MI Radio’s initiative to give back to community through charity and community service has also take part in the event by setting up a booth where people can bring clothes books, and no longer used items to donate to the needy with MI Radio communities which needs a helping hand. U Aung Winn also state for his heartfelt feelings towards the MI Radio helping hand and its involvement, “I’m really heartfelt for MI Radio’s Helping Hand. MI Helping Hand has donated 10 lakhs for the homage ceremony too for the former teachers of GTI. On behalf of GTI alumni group, I can gladly say that we will be looking forward more of the future movements of MI helping hand through collaborations too.”

U Myint Soe who is one of the alumni has also express his feelings towards this events with all of his heart out like this, “Firstly, I would like to thank every teachers, who taught us with all of their prides for and make a way for all of the students and build the future, this is the a ceremony for them and I am so glad to be here too. For our friends and fellow classmates who can’t attend the event, I would like to say that I miss them and would like to invite for the next year too hopefully.”

All I can see is smile everywhere. The platform and strength they have form is really strong and will only be heading towards for more of the great news, because there will be more of Homage in the future. The GTI alumni, is filled with friendship, peace and gratitude towards their former teachers. By seeing this we can see the culture of our Myanmar too, which is really a pure mindfulness of our fellow Myanmar people’s heart. And in my perspective, this kind of path should be taken by every younger generations and of course spread through like a fire will of goodness.