2nd Italian Food Festival Coming Soon in Yangon

12 February 2020

Italian Embassy in Myanmar is bringing the Italian Food Festival in Yangon for the second time in a row. It is the festival which will bring the Italian restaurants, importers, and distributors of Italian food and beverages together at one place. The general public can have the opportunity to visit Italian Embassy, where the festival takes place on 23rd February.

For this year, there will be more exhibitors, who are both the previous participants and the new ones to join. At the press conference held on 11th February, Italian Ambassador to Myanmar, H.E. Mrs. Alessandra Schiavo explained further details of the festival.

“I think in Myanmar, there are more new importers of Italian food and wine. It is the sign of growth not only of the awareness of the quality of the Italian products but also of Myanmar market itself and in terms of economic operators. We will have about 20 exhibitors and they will bring many kinds of Italian wines and other food. We will organize the Wine Master-class, which is about the history and evolution of Tuscan wine. We will have more wine exporters, who failed to participate last year. We will have the Italian restaurants, and many more Italian foods. As an important feature, which is the new program of the festival of this year, we will also have kids’ entertainment. We have Pizza and Wine makings for the kids.”

There will be wine master-classes, wine scent games, fresh mozzarella, and cheese making on the spot, and the visitors will have fun discovering about the origins of the products, and culture and tradition of Italian eating habits.

One of the exhibitors, Mr. Gavin Davis, General Manager of Cellar Door Wine Distribution, said, “We will have more than 20 wines at the festival, so people can try and have a glass wine. We will also pair the wine with the food like freshly made pasta. People can learn the culture of wine and how it can be paired with foods. Italy has a great number of variety of wines in the world. They have got thousands of wine from the different regions. Each region has its own culture, food and wine just like in Myanmar. If you go to Kachin State or Shan State, you will see different cuisines from that of Yangon. Italy is very similar in that way.”

The visitors can enjoy foods and wines at reasonable and promotional prices provided by the exhibitors. The exhibitors are comprised of not only foreign distributors but also local importers.

Daw Hay Thaw Zin, Director of Right Field Trading and Distribution, said, “Personally, I want our Myanmar people try to taste the different foods from other countries around the world so I have imported the Italian cheese and meat from Italy. We participated in the first festival and this will be the second time for us. In the previous year festival, I saw many Italians coming to the festival to enjoy their own foods and wines, and many other foreigners as well. Many Myanmar people also came and enjoyed the different and new Italian foods. This will be the great opportunity, which provides different and amazing Italian foods and wines at one place.”

Italian Embassy hopes that from this festival, Myanmar people can understand better about the diversity of Italian foods and it is aimed to strengthen the people-to-people tie.

“This is the celebration of the friendship. It is not only about food but also about the friendship between Italy and Myanmar.”, said Ambassador H.E. Alessandra Schiavo.

The Italian Food Festival will be opened to the public free of entrance charge on 23rd February from 4-9 p.m. at the garden of Italian Embassy in Yangon.

Thaw Tar Swe Zin