2019 Monsoon Special Online Art Sale by the Yangon Gallery

11 July 2019             

In Myanmar , monsoon season has just commenced and for people who are into visiting the art gallery, the rain can be the obstacle but, the people of Yangon has an alternative plan to enjoy the arts and paintings . Now, let’s find out how they will make it.                            

With the guidance of the Yangon Gallery, Monsoon Special Online Art Sale will be taking place for three months, in the season of Monsoon; July, August and September. The art works will be displayed and sold through online, in the Yangon Gallery Facebook Page.

For art lovers, enthusiasts, and clients to be able to buy the arts in the monsoon seasons, to be able to buy arts through the Yangon Gallery Facebook Page, to effectively reach to the wider clients, and to be able to buy with reasonable price, the Monsoon Special Online Art Sale was organized, said Mr. Htet Naing Lin, In Charge of the Yangon Gallery.

The artworks of 31 artists will be displayed from medium size to different sizes at the Yangon Gallery for the total of 90 days in three consecutive months of Monsoon.

Now, let’s find out one of the artists how she will participate in the Monsoon Special Online Art Sale.

Ms. Phyu Phyu Maw, ,nal University of Arts & Culture, Yangon explained she will showcase her artworks with the theme “Lonely Series”, which will feature the gigantic trees with water color and acrylic color.

She further explained that she got the idea of showing how beautiful the trees are when they stand alone. The nature of the trees is that they are depending on each other but some trees, especially bigger ones, they stand alone and they are really beautiful.

Now, let’s find out another artist how she will get involved in the Monsoon Special Online Art Sale.

Ms. Nyein Nyein Ei, , National University of Arts & Culture explained she has been painting since younger age and she started painting professionally since 2004. She said, she is really into the cats. So, she will participate in the online art sale with the paintings of combination of cats and humans.  Not just cats, the paintings of dogs will also be included.

The Yangon Gallery has been organizing the same kind of event of Monsoon Special Online Art Sale for two times now. It started in last year 2018. But this year, there will be altogether 31 artists, who will be participating in the online art sale and 20% of them are new artists who will start joining from this year.