“International Youth Day” Celebration in Yangon

13 August 2019

As it is said children are the future of a nation, today’s youth are the future leaders. To become leaders in the future, today the youth must be equipped with every possible skill which the leaders should possess. Therefore with the aim to empower the youth, International Youth Day which is usually celebrated on 12 August was celebrated on 10 August 2019 at Yangon International Hotel, the celebration aimed to empower the youth and motivate the youth as well. The event included panel discussion on some of the contemporary topics such as industrial revolution 4.0, the education system in Myanmar and peace and stability in the nation. The event also offered other opportunities to the youth such as academic career, community service and participation to youth reconciliation group.

Speaking to MI Radio on this year Youth Festival, Ko Zay Linn Mon, the chairman of Yangon Youth Network said, “For this year Youth International Day, the theme is “the change in education system” so when we say educational transformation, we cannot ignore what happened in the last 4 to 5 years ago. There were some demands from the youth in educational policy which we tried to negotiate at Diamond Jubilee hall. Now we want to know how far those demands are met, we want to raise a question on it. And another issue is what happens in the world right now like “the fourth industrial revolution” in which we replace human resources with machine or robots; this is already coming to Myanmar. So, is the education system in Myanmar prepared to receive the coming of industrial revolution 4.0? We have to think about it, what kind of education system do we need now? These are the areas where the younger generation plays a big role and we want to share all these issues to the youth.”

The message Ko Zay Linn Mon gave to the youth on International Youth Day is, “As the theme itself is educational theme, I would like to give an education related message to all the youth out there that we all feel that something is missing with the education system we have now but we don’t have the courage to speak up and we find it hard to raise our voices. Therefore join the organizations which are working on the same issues and let’s work together. Though there will surely be some hurdles and bumps, but try to do something instead of not doing anything, it will be worth trying.”

Speaking at the event, Daw Esther Yupa Nwe, the UNV Country Coordinator of UN Volunteers said, “Today we have the highest ever number of youth population in the world in history. This younger generation has the potential to bring forth the prosperity and good things for the humanity which we never had before. However, many of educated youth and this generation face discrimination at workplace where they are not given new opportunities, minimum wage and other challenges as well. The worldwide recession has affected the youth the most; as a result, the youth don’t get the same opportunity which causes depression to the youth. Some youth are left behind in the process of national issues like politics, social issue and other developmental process. And if we don’t stand up and speak for ourselves, we have possibility of losing our talents as youth. The youth are the most potential ones to bring changes to our nation as we see today; the young men and women are actively participating on the process of peace and journey to a democratic nation. Therefore this is the time to listen to the younger generation and work together with the youth at the same time encourage the youth.”