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04 December 2018                                                                                              

As the repatriation processes have been prepared well currently from the side of Myanmar to peacefully accept the returnees since January 23, and also have got information from th

04 November 2018                                                       

Chinese Embassy on Thursday morning donated the food aid worth of Kyats 100 million to the Mary Chapman School for the Deaf in Yangon.                                                                                    

04 December 2018

With the aim to promote the friendly connection between the MI Radio DJs and their fans, we organized the 2nd time of Meet the DJs Fan meeting in Yangon at our new office in Strand Square Business Tower.

First, let’s hear from our beloved DJ Neszel from t

01 December 2018

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (German: Friedrich-Naumann-Stiftung für die Freiheit) (FNF), is a German foundation for 

30 November 2018

Grab launches Grab Thone Bane service in Bagan after Yangon and Mandalay. Grab is basically the Southeast Asia’s leading Online to Offline (O2O) platform.

On Thursday, November 29, Grab officially launched its three-wheel vehicle service called Grab ThoneBane in Bag

30 November 2018
According to international weather and climate forecasting centers and experts, the El Niño phenomenon has started developing from November this year. While the resulting impact brought about by the phenomenon is not expected to be as intense as it was in 2015-2016,

30 November 2018                                       

Equality Myanmar and USAID launched the first Myanmar Civil Society Organizations, Sustainability Index _CSO SI at the Best Western Green Hill Hotel on Tuesday. The panel discussion by the CSO SI experts was also included to elaborate

30 November 2018

Since the establishment of Myanmar Computer Federation, 1998, Myanmar has been encouraging, promoting and creating awareness for e-Governance. The significant active participation of private sector at E-Governance started in 2016.

Myanmar Computer Federation has bee

29 November 2018

The delegation led by Mr. Ning Jizhe, Vice Chairman of National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) of the People’s Republic of China visited Myanmar.

On Sunday, the delegation visited Yangon to discuss with Yangon Region Chief Minister and Amyotha Hluttaw Depu