UnionPay Myanmar is celebrating the launch of their official Facebook page as well as the launch of an educational commercial video

11 October 2018

UnionPay Myanmar is celebrating the launch of their official Facebook page in order to update information about UnionPay's present and future services and plan for the customers, as well as the lunch of an educational commercial video that highlights UnionPaVs, new “Quick Pass” payment feature and includes local model actress and beauty pageant holder, Moe Set wine. “Quick Pass”, a contactless smart card features that allows card users to make safer and more secure payments at various UnionPay accepting merchants, is not yet available in Myanmar, however, will be in the future. For updates of this, everyone can check out and follow the newly launched UnionPay Facebook Page.

Moreover, I have also interview U Aung Nanda Kyaw, who is the business development manager of UnionPay Myanmar to state more about the UnionPay’s journey for Myanmar marketplace, he states that, “UnionPay has been issuing cards in Myanmar since 2014 and serves more than 13,900 merchants nationally. With partnerships with more than eight cardissuing banks in Myanmar, including: AGD Bank, AYA Bank, (13 Bank, UAB, M0B, NEW Apex Bank, my  Bank, Myawaddy Limited and Global Treasure Bank, lUnionPay offers their debit, credit and pre-paid users’ unique benefits for traveling dining, shopping and education. Point-of-sales (POS) accepting banks include: AGD Bank, AYA Bank, CB Bank, UAB, MOB, Myanma Apex Bank, We Bank, Myawaddy limited and Global Treasure Bank.”

The event was held at Junction City on 9 Oct.2018. Ml Radio booth was setup there too in collaboration with UnionPay to let people discover more about the MI Radio’s new Ml Helping hand charity initiative. To let everyone updated about what Ml Radio Helping hand has done in the event, I have also interviewed to our Ml Radio’s Dj Nazel; on behalf of MI Helping hand, " While the event of the UnionPay on going, Ml Radio Helping Hand's booth was also there, basically our listeners or supporter can come to our booth by brining clothes, books and no longer-needed items to donate the MI Helping Hand, so that we can make to help those less fortunate than ourselves who need  Helping Hand to make life easier. And there is also another great way to help, during the event you and your friends can sing a song on the stage and MI Radio will donate on your song that’s sung-yep, that’s right, your singing talent will help people in need in very direct way, that’s pretty awesome right? You can also send us a recording of you singing your favorite song an MP3 or WAV file or record it on your phone and post it to the Ml Radio Facebook page. We’ll put the best ones on the air waves across Myanmar, and MI Radio will also donate 5000 MMK to Ml Helping Hand charity for every song chosen for broadcast !”



So, of course as we all can imagine, the event was so educative as well as heartfelt for to experience the launching of UnionPay’s Facebook Page and educational TV commercial video as well as the Ml Helping Hand’s awesome program.