MIRadio Meet the DJs 2nd time in Yangon

With the aim to promote the friendly connection between the MI Radio DJs and their fans, we organized the 2nd time of Meet the DJs Fan meeting in Yangon at our new office in Strand Square Business Tower.

First, let’s hear from our beloved DJ Neszel from the Business Trip Show. We talked about her feelings for this Meet the DJs Fan Meeting.

“It’s such a fun experience and we had a lot to play games and get to know each other very well. It was funny because we were like doing imitation of people like DJs’ Signatures like lines in the Radio. It was really fun and it’s such an exciting event.”

Our DJ Neszel also talked about the preparations for this Fan Meeting.

“It’s not that hard because we have a team work enthusiastic in who really loves to do things for Radio station and for fans as well. So what we do is we decide what we want to happen. Step by step we prepare the materials and we have this new office we decorated nicely. But anyway the rest of it is like mostly the creativity and spontaneous things.”

Well, now we have our MI Radio fans who came to the event and support us even on their holiday.

“Because of My friend from MI Radio. He introduced me with the station, then I checked the channel and listen it and it’s fun. Actually, I don’t know many programs of MI Radio but I love the music.”

Okay this is Alex who is a friend of MI Radio DJs talked about how he thinks about this event and what he would like to listen on MI Radio. Now we will hear from another friend who is a big fan of Slow English Program by DJ Mark. She started with how she knew MI Radio in the first place.

“My teacher from WEPS recommend this radio. So I liked Facebook page and then I always listen from 7 am to 8 am Slow English. I like it very much. When I have free time, I always listen to MI Radio and I love it.”

I also asked her about how she thinks MI Radio DJs when they meet in person and also took her advice on MI Radio for improvements in the future.

“Yes, very friendly, like family and love it.”

“I hope that MI Radio can extend their broadcast area to Monywa and Sagaing. Monywa is my native. So, I also would like to listen MI Radio there too.”

The first time Meet the DJs Fan Meeting in Yangon was back in April of this year. After that, in June, we had Meet the DJs Fan Meeting at Diamond Plaza in Mandalay. So this is the second time in Yangon and third time in total.

Now we have our new MI Radio DJ Winston from Late Lunch Show who talked about how he thinks about his first time Meet the DJs event with MI Radio Fans.

“It feels great. I’ve got to know all the DJs working in MI Radio and it was really fun to meet all the listeners of MI Radio and playing games. It’s pretty fun.”

Okay so, that’s all about our 2nd time of MIRadio Meet the DJs Event in Yangon. Thank you so much to each and every one who came to support MIRadio and also to all the fans who didn’t get the chance to come for some reasons. We will be holding many others better events in the future. So, join us next time.