MI Radio Helping Hand

10 September 2018


From Myanmar International Radio of all our listeners, formed a volunteering group of helping hands with all of the members from the stations to give ahand in all of the areas and people which and who are in need. With all our hearts out to reach for the place where the helping hand is needed, this is MI radio's helping hand for what we strive forward to help everyone who is in need. So as our first step to pace on. the MI radio team has given a helping hand to one of the village's school which is near Shanchaung village, it is located at the aye myat thee dar area of kyauktann. To get there we have to travel in two ways which is in car for 3 hours from Yangon and a 20 mins speed boat. The school is opened for 7 years as a village's own developed school by all of the villagers united. So lets hear out some of the history of this interesting school first before finding out our activity.



Great news isn’t it, the school has become officially government certified until grade 3 of education. But as even though its not that perfect yet there is a pleasure and heart felt of happiness for them for the village hard work. Now that the little children got 2 certified teacher for them to teach its so much better since.


He also state for how he felt in these movements of MI Radio's helping hand , yes in that is which he said "invaluable". He even add on for how he was excited as soon as when he got the phone call from MI radio's helping hand.


As soon as we arrive there from the long journey of 3 hrs of car and 20 mins of boat, the team was so exhausted. But the thing is, the exhaustion was just before entering the little bamboo building which is filled with all of the smiles waiting to just welcome the team. Yes those little smiles of enjoyment and welcoming its just feels like home. So as we go in and hand the team hand out all of the team's donated books, pens, clothes, snacks and other essential stuffs for the school and each of the kids, one of our MI radio's DJ Who is Mark from slow English has taught them our slogan of our Radio, My radio, My way to the little kids... And he was amazed by how the little kids responded.


After our small activities with the children and the teachers, I have done a short interview with Mark, as you know his excitement is in the level that he wants to explain it a lot to the audiences.



Guys this is the first part of our first step of the MI radio's helping hand journey to the shanchuang school, more of the information awaiting ahead and hope you all will be with me and coming up reports.